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Oswego VeterinarianNew Clients

To make an appointment please call us at 630-554-3400. Consider downloading our new client form to bring along on your first visit.

Our primary goal is to provide your pet with the kind, compassionate high-quality veterinary care. We also understand the importance of good customer service and welcome you to a clean, warm, inviting hospital. We encourage you to find a veterinarian on staff with whom you are comfortable and ask for that doctor each time that you make an appointment. However, all of our veterinarians have access to your pet’s medical records, discuss and share cases at daily rounds and can assist you if your preferred veterinarian is unavailable.

Client understanding and education is important to us. We make every attempt to inform you of the products and services that we believe will help your pet live a longer healthier life. It is our style to “show” you examples of your pet’s condition or diagnostic tests as well as “give” you a client education handout on his/her specific condition.

Oswego Veterinarian AppointmentsAppointment Policy

We offer appointments on Monday and Thursday from 7:30am to 8:00pm and Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30am to 6:00pm. Please call to schedule an appointment or request an appointment from one of the following pages.

New Online Appointment Scheduling Coming Soon

We do reserve “same day sick pet “ appointments for each day. We try to function like a good pediatrician’s office knowing that you may wake up or come home to a new illness or something that requires immediate care. This is something that happens everyday and we are ready for it.

We encourage you to schedule an appointment with your preferred veterinarian for consistency of care. However, all of our veterinarians have access to your pet’s medical records and can assist you if your preferred veterinarian is unavailable.

Montgomery VeterinarianDay Patient Policy

River Heights Veterinary Hospital offers day patient or drop-off appointments for routine examinations and problems Monday thru Friday. Call to speak with the receptionist to see if this is an option for your pet’s needs. Please drop-off your pet before 8:30 am. To streamline check-in you may download a day patient history form. Otherwise a veterinary nurse will complete one when you arrive. The doctor will examine your pet and call you to discuss your pet’s needs. You can pick-up any time after you speak with a doctor. There is no additional charge for this day patient service.

Oswego Pet Surgeon

Pre-Surgical Policy

We offer routine surgeries and dental procedures Monday thru Friday. All surgical patients must be current on vaccinations and must have been examined by a staff veterinarian within the last twelve months.

Food should be withheld the night before surgery after 9:00 pm. Your pet can continue to have access to water until he/she is arrives at River Heights Veterinary Hospital. We require a routine pre-surgical blood profile to screen for an illness that may increase your pet’s anesthetic risk. The blood profile is commonly performed for our adult to senior pets at an appointment a few days prior to the procedure or on the day of the surgery for pets under 5 years of age. /p>

Depending on the procedure (spay, castration) we will request that you bring your pet in the afternoon/evening prior to the procedure (dental patients come in by 8:30 am the morning of the procedure). Pets that come in for spays or other, more complex surgeries can be picked up after 10:00 am the next day. Pets that come in a dental procedure, or many other routine surgeries are able to go home the same day after 4:00 pm. —ask your veterinarian or veterinary nurse when scheduling to confirm.

Yorkville Pet SurgeonPayment Policy

Providing your pet with exceptional health care is not inexpensive. We practice need-based veterinary care- offering individualized products and services that will enrich and lengthen the life of your pet. We feel that the comprehensive veterinary care at River Heights Veterinary Hospital, in particular, is an excellent value in pet health care today.

We have digital dental and full body radiology, ultrasound, endoscopy, board-certified veterinary dentist and doctors skilled in internal medicine and surgery. Many of the difficult diagnosis’ or procedures performed at River Heights Veterinary Hospital save you and your pet a referral to a specialist- saving you both time and money.

Payment is due at the time services are rendered. Feel free to ask for an estimate of charges at anytime. If your pet is admitted to the hospital, the veterinarian will ask you to leave a deposit (usually 50% of the estimated treatment charges). Moreover, the veterinarian and nurse will provide a treatment plan and estimate for these hospitalized patients.

We accept Cash, Personal Checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card, as well as Debit Cards.

Animal Emergency Hospital OswegoContact

River Heights Veterinary Hospital strives for excellence in medicine and customer service. It is important to hear from you on “how we are doing”. Use the following contact emails to give us your feedback.

» Amy Brown - Hospital Coordinator
» Sandy Taft - Administrative Assistant
» General Inquiries


Emergencies are never planned, but if your pet has an emergency during the day, we’ll be here for you. If possible, call ahead to let us know that you are coming and the nature of the emergency. After hours we refer our patients to a 24-hour specialty practice staffed with technicians and veterinarians ready to offer care and observation until the following day.

We do reserve multiple “same day sick pet“ appointments for each day. Therefore, we have available appointments throughout each day. Even when we are fully scheduled we have veterinary nurses who will “triage” your sick pet and work them into our schedule as needed. We try to function like a good pediatrician’s office, knowing that you may wake up or come home to new illness or something that requires immediate care. This is something that happens every day and we are ready for it.

We have brochures & directions to area Emergency Hospitals that we suggest all clients review. Consider taking a “drive by” the Emergency Hospital nearest to your home prior to needing them.

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