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- S -

Sammy (age 21) came to us as a stray 18 years ago after he was abandoned in our apartment complex. He was a great companion and a constant joy to have in our home. He greeted us with purrs in the morning and meows when we came home from work every day. We will miss him always.
- Spink

My Sammy, we miss you! Dec 17th I had to make the hard decision to let you go! Rest easy now, my old man, we love you and Molly and Mason do too!! Thanks to Dr. Juriga and Dr. Weaver and staff of River Heights Vet Clinic for their excellent care they gave and the compassion shown to me. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart
- Vicki Scott

4 months ago we lost my Sammy to kidney disease! Molly misses her brother, Mason misses his buddy and we miss our old man! You are missed and loved Sammy!!
- The Scott Family

We had 19 wonderful years with our baby. He was quite a character and had such amazing personality. We will miss the antics and the laughter and the love he brought into our lives.
- The Vasquez Family

Samson of Windcrest
We said goodbye to our dear Samson last evening. We thank Dr. Juriga, Verena and staff for the comfort and care you showed our Samson (and us) last night and throughout the years. Best. Dog. Ever. Patti and Lonnie
- The Batchelder Family

Stormy was a happy lazy cat. Her favorite place was to lay in the front window in the sun. She even tried to get in my bag that I packed for the hospital before we had our daughter. stormy was always my hubbby's baby but she never left me alone ever especially when I had bad morning sickness.
- The Anderson Family

Adopted from River heights in 1995, Seamus was a very handsome and friendly cat. He loved to be held and even loved to be passed from person to person. He loved his kitten friend Woody (now 18). He died in 2005. We love him.
- The Vanmersbergen Family

We lost Sparky to lymphoma on August 17, 2014. She was a few months short of 15 years old. Dr. Pocius was so wonderful and kind and checked on her frequently during her illness. Sparky was indeed a feisty little one but brought so much love and laughter to our lives. She will truly be missed.
- Stabile

13 Years ago you joined our family. You gave us many laughs, companionship, and love. With your laid-back personality, you watched our family grow and never complained. We feel incomplete now that you are gone. Wait for me at the rainbow bridge Stinky Boy! Furever in our hearts 9-1-01 to 10-10-14
- The Kala Family

Scooby was everything to our family. There was never a dog who has ever been more loved or who gave more love. Our grief is overwhelming. We were so blessed to have him in our lives. He is missed immensely.
- The Wilson Family

Always in our thoughts and hearts
- The reardon Family

Always in our hearts
- The Coley Family

Always in our hearts
- The Reid Family

Sugar Mae
Sugar Mae had the best bark greeting in the world, always let everyone at River Heights know that she had arrived. The magic words for Sugar were let's go.
- The Clauser Family

Always in our hearts
- The Bujak Family

Gentle eyes that see so much, paws that have that quiet touch; Purr to signal "All is well" and show more love than words can tell.
- The Vargo Family

The paw prints of those we have loved are forever imprinted on our heart.
- The Mullaney Family

Forever with us
- The Linnell Family

Always in our hearts and memories
- The Robertson Family

Always with us
- The Watson Family

Gone from our side but not from our hearts. Your brother misses you.
- The Hassert Family

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