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- M -

We are incredibly grateful and blessed to have had our wonderful golden retriever, Misty, for 14 years now. I will never forget my beloved "snarly-face" and "poochy-poo". we love you, Misty, and we will see you again one day in "doggie heaven." Rest in peace, my beautiful old lady.
- The Faries Family

Margo was a very special member of our family. She was quirky and a very sweet girl. This picture was taken last December before she was diagnosed with cancer. We had a great day hiking and my husband and I both thought how much fun it was. Margo was acting like a puppy that day and made us laugh with her antics.
- The Angelo Family

Mugsy & Nina
I was blessed to have Mugsy for 19 years and his sister Nina 17. I miss them dearly, especially now that both have passed. surely they are snuggling up to one another again in that special place held for loving pets. No matter how difficult it was to lose them, I wouldn't trade our time for anything.
- The Shook Family

My little girl will surely be missed. Was my constant companion and we loved her dearly. She was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and never showed any outward indication of it. Molly made us EXTREMELY happy and kept us laughing all the time with her antics. DADDY LOVES YOU MOLLY!
- The Ludwig Family

Maggie was a loyal family member and always a little lady. We miss our playful pup with her crazy antics. Her companionship is truly missed. Her paw print is forever stamped on our hearts. Maggie really was the "Best Dog Ever".
- Paula Takacs

In 2001 God bestowed a most precious gift, a little Yorkshire Terrier we named Mookie. As yorkies go, Mookie was no exception - independent with a feisty side and beautiful coat. She loved to think of herself as an outside dog, on beautiful days and chasing bunnies and birds was a thrill to good to pass up. After dark she loved her nighttime walks – no leash for her – too independent for that. Mookie loved us well and we loved her back. God’s gift is now a treasure locked only in our hearts.
- The Altheide Family

Mischief was the most mischievous kitten. My husband wanted to name her Simba, but I wanted a cute name. She was absolutely gorgeous; her coloring was perfect and her only flaw was her independence. She wanted to do her own thing away from humans. One day when my husband came home from work, she met him at the door and he said, "OK, what mischief have you gotten into today?" This then became her name. Mischief, we love you and miss you very much.
- The Somers Family

A loyal and true companion until the very end. You were an absolutely amazing dog, Mocha, and you will forever be in our hearts.
- The Smart Family

Muffin had an adventurous life. We had her since she was a puppy and when we relocated from South Africa, she made the long journey with us. Having her as my companion when we settled in the USA was a blessing. She loved car rides and joined us in numerous road trips. She has left a huge hole in our lives. We miss her. She truly was one of a kind, our African dog.
- Laycock

First of many
- The Gobert Family and Paws and Ourrs

Forever with us
- The schultz family

Faithful friend and companion
- The Untiedt Family

Mr. Kat aka Klondike Kat
The contented purr . . The affectionate gaze...The pitter patter of tiny paws. . . These memories will forever have a place in my heart.
- Allen Close

Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.
- The Dutton Family

Mini and Lexi
Best friends. They even ate out of the same plate. They will forever live in our memories.
- Kiefer

A special life leaves us memories and memories live forever. Always in our hearts!
- Harbison

Mocha was adopted from a rescue group. She rescued us just as much as we rescued her. She was a gentle companion, a member of our family. We were fortunate to have her in our life for 11 years.
- Fredericksen

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