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Herbert Sherbert
Cats leave paw prints on your heart. Herbie Sherbie (aka Bubba Kitty) is dearly missed
- The Boorom Family

Forever in our hearts
- Norma Aldrich

It has been nearly 3 months and we still cry every day. She was our world. In tears, we watched you sinking. We held you as you passed away. Our hearts were broken. We wanted you to stay. But when we saw you sleeping, so peaceful…Free from pain, how could we wish you here with us to suffer that again? It broke our hearts to lose you; you were our little girl, after all. But you did not go alone my girl… for part of us went with you the day God took you home.
- Dolphin Family

Hailey was a wonderful companion who is deeply missed. Thank you for the love and affection who brought into our lives.
- the Lumbert Family

Gone from our side but not from our hearts.
- The Anderson Family, Diane and Gilbert

Gone from our side but not from our heart.
- The Mikus Family

Always in our hearts and memory
- The Hernandez Family

Forever in our hearts.
- The Ross Family

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