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- D -

Our first child - always in our hearts
- The Juriga Family

Missing you a lot. . . Christmas won't be the same without you searching under the tree for your presents. Hope you are having fun chasing those bunnies up in heaven xoxoxox. You will never be forgotten.
- the Swigert Family

One of my favorite things about Dutch is that he didn't know he was a bunny. He thought he was a cat! He and my 2 cats (Mary and Batman) actually got along! When I put them together, they would sit together, and lie together, and play together or look around together. When Dutch died my cats would go up to his hutch and put their front paws on it and look inside. They were looking for their Dutch
- The Bolte Family

Daisy Basset
Daisy came to us for Basset Rescue, Dwight, Illinois. We first met her on a cold in Hampshire with her foster mom. Our neighborhood always knew Daisy’s howl above other dogs. She came in 2nd place out of hundreds of Bassets at the rescue picnic. In Oswego she was always in the running for the “Longest Ear” contest. She crossed the bridge the next month after we lost our cat Josh. What an emotional fall season for
- the Graham Family

Gone but not forgotten - always in our heart
- the Carellas Family

We miss you so much sweet girl. Your love and snuggles will never be forgotten. Thank you for choosing us to be your Mom and Dad in your short 7 years.
- The Stoddard Family

Dr. Pepper
Gone but not forgotten
- The Srinath Family

Our beloved Daisy passed away suddenly and left a huge void in our hearts but we are comforted by our many years of memories with her. We imagine she is watching over us just as she would in our front window every day.
- The Rodriguez Family

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