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Moving to another stateMoving to Another State?

Are you moving to another state with your pet or do you know someone who is? Please click on the link below to view a resource guide and state-by-state interactive map to easily view the specific veterinary health certificates, permits, and vaccinations that are required to move your pet to a new state.

Feline Breeds OswegoFeline Breeds

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» Exercising your pet
» Fleas
» Geriatric Wellness
» Feline Heartworm Disease

» Canine Heartworm Disease
» Internal Parasites
» Ticks
» Vaccines
» Wellness for your pet

Toothbrushing DemoToothbrushing Demo

Ever wondered how to get your pets to let you brush their teeth? We've had many questions from owners looking for the best way to go about this so we made a video to demonatrate. Verena is one of our Dental Technicians, Nano is our canine collaborator & Dr. Stephen Juriga (our Board Certified Dental Specialist) is the narrator of this video.

» Watch Toothbrushing Demo

Trimming your birds nails
Trimming your bird's nails.

Barbara Heidenreich shows you how to train your bird to allow you to trim it's nails in this 3 part video.

» Watch Part 1
» Watch Part 2
» Watch Part 3


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